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  Re: light source & camera CHM help 496 Kb  
From: Fabien HENON
Date: 9 Dec 2000 16:41:20
Message: <3A32A7F3.9F29B6B4@club-internet.fr>
Thanks for the remark.
For the chm file, I merely downloaded HTML Help Workshop from the
site to compile it.
The pages are first built with Netscape HTML editor (Composer).
Once the pages are finished, they have to be indexed and compiled with
It is a great tool.
Yet I had to learn with errors and trials ( it reminds me of POV).
I still have to find how to use the 'search' tab properly. It might be

You mentionned HCW. Is it another compiler? I'd like to know about
competitors if there are any.

As the file is getting larger and larger, I think I'll have to upload
the file to my new site. The download speed might improve.



> in povray.binaries.tutorials, Fabien HENON says...
> > Here a version of POV-help compiled in chm format including light and
> > camera with a few enhancements.
> > It is designed to be viewed at 1024 x 768.
> > At 800 x 600, the layout is sopmewhat destroyed.
> >
> > Remarks and comments are warmly welcomed.
> >
> > Fabien.
> Looks good! I have learned something about lights just now!!
> Then I am also intrigued by the HH-workshop; I have used the HCW program
> a little and I was baffled by the spaghetti-like set of pages one has to
> make for even a small help file. After some time I completely lost the
> overview, but that may be just me. Now, looking for the HHW files, I
> found them to be very expensive. What do you use??
> --
> Regards,  Sander

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