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  Re: Another format 185 Kb  
From: Fabien HENON
Date: 4 Dec 2000 17:16:47
Message: <3A2C1885.8637FDC4@club-internet.fr>

> Fabien HENON wrote:
> >This one written with the new Windows format : chm.
> >
> Fabien,
> I think I prefer this over a pdf, but I have some questions and remarks.

Thanks for the remark.

> Is it possible to make the font size adjustable for the user?

As far as what I have seen with HTML Help Workshop,  the font can only be set
at compilation time.
Is the font size too small or too large ?

> How far do you intend to go with the "linking", will it be possible to
> jump from normal:Valid values to any of the patters?

Yes. That's something I'll do but only at the end.

> When not running full-screen, the bits of scene code next to the pictures
> get cut off in such a way that it's not "readable" anymore. Maybe put it
> over or under the pictures.

Thanks, that's a problem I overlooked. I might relunctantly have to change
the layout of the examples (I loved this one). I'll try keeping the same
layout but with a smaller font size.
I don't think that an example code with its rendered image at the bottom will
look great.

> With TAB it's possible to jump from the list on the left to the text on
> the right and then scroll with the arrow keys. There seems to be no
> keyboard way back though.

There might be hotkeys to include before the compilation for the navigation,
but I have not found them yet.
The TAB key does not do anything on my computer.



> Ingo
> --
> Photography: http://members.home.nl/ingoogni/
> Pov-Ray    : http://members.home.nl/seed7/

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