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  Re: New doc  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 17 Nov 2000 17:54:35
Message: <3A15B72C.7F8313B5@schunter.etc.tu-bs.de>
Fabien HENON wrote:
> >
> > - fixed width font for code parts
> Could you explain what you mean ?

It's very common to do code parts in a non proportional font for better

> By the way, this is not meant to replace the official documentation, but
> merely an alternative.

Maybe you should consider making it more different from the official docu,
which is mainly designed for reference (apart from the 'beginning
tutorial' section)


Christoph Hormann <chr### [at] gmxde>
Homepage: http://www.schunter.etc.tu-bs.de/~chris/

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