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  Re: New doc  
From: Fabien HENON
Date: 17 Nov 2000 16:06:11
Message: <3A158175.51AE17E0@club-internet.fr>

> It looks good for a first try, but i personally don't find it that easy to
> read :-)
> Some things that i find very good in the official docu and that are
> missing in your version:
> - fixed width font for code parts

Could you explain what you mean ?

> - keywords highlighted in the main text

I'll give the dealt-with keywords a different color from the rest of the
Red should stand out.

> - cross links in the text

That's something I'll add when it is finished.

> i also miss the complete syntax description like:
>   ior Value | caustics Value |
>   fade_distance Distance | fade_power Power
>   MEDIA...

That's precisely the point. For a beginner, the complete syntax is
obscure. You don't know what is inside what and what keywords are
ie : for the INTERIOR_ITEMS, you have to refer to the INTERIOR_ITEM
below. And if you want to add some media, you have to follow your way
down to the MEDIA_ITEM.
I like the 'tree' shown in the index of Acrobat. It displays the
'parents' and 'children' links : You have to use 'interior' first to be
allowed to use 'media' in an object. 

But then again these statements are mine and mine only.

By the way, this is not meant to replace the official documentation, but
merely an alternative.

> Of course these are only my personal preferences.
> Christoph
> --
> Christoph Hormann <chr### [at] gmxde>
> Homepage: http://www.schunter.etc.tu-bs.de/~chris/

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