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  Re: Help with povray!  
From: Bob Hughes
Date: 15 Jul 2000 07:04:20
Message: <39704534@news.povray.org>
"Bob Hughes" <per### [at] aolcom?subject=PoV-News:> wrote in message
| "Ian Witham" <ian### [at] hotmailcom> wrote in message
| news:396e47bc@news.povray.org...
| |
| | Stranger still... I just installed the new version of OE and now the
| | reads properly "//" cool!
| file://Not for me it doesn't, and I just D/L the IE 5.01 SP1 a few days ago.
| Is that the 5.5 beta by any chance?  Never mind, it is.  I just now looked at
| your message post properties.  Well that's good news then, thanks for the
| insight.

Forget what I said (secondly anyway) because I hadn't realized my OE was now at
version 5.5 despite IE only being 5.01 still.  Maybe it's the IE version that
matters?  This is OT so maybe I should ask in povray.off-topic while there's a
recent IE 5.5 discussion.


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