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  Re: Okay? HeLp Me PlEaSe...  
From: Bob Hughes
Date: 4 Jul 2000 00:51:45
Message: <39616d61@news.povray.org>
To further compliment Ken's reply:

+a0.2 +r2 +am2 +j1

...on the command-line or...

Antialias_Threshold=0.2  ;+a  with 0.3 is default
Antialias_Depth=2  ;+r  uses integers 1 to 5 typically(?)
Sampling_Method=2  ;+am  the type to use, 1 default
Jitter=1  ;+j  0 to 1  (use +j0 when animating)

put into an INI file can yield fairly good results, just beware of longer
render times the lower +a goes and higher +r goes.  It's all relative to those
Have a read of your POV-Scene help file or document regarding antialiasing
options.  Important stuff.


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