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  Re: Okay? HeLp Me PlEaSe...  
From: Ken
Date: 3 Jul 2000 21:56:01
Message: <39614325.662175FF@pacbell.net>
Jade Hewitt wrote:
> Hi! I kind of new to this, so can anyone give me some tips on how to like
> keep the roughness out of my picture? I don't know if any of you know what
> I'm talking about, but if you do please help. Thanx!
>             Jade

I believe you are referring to the evil "jaggies". If so you need
to use anti-aliasing when rendering your images. You can turn on
AA by putting the appropriate switch in a .ini file or on the
command line (see the docs for which switch to use). If you are
using the Windows version of the program you should see a window
in the tool bar for setting image size. It also has options for
No AA or with AA you can try to see if it fixes your problem. Also
remember the larger you render your image the more pixels you have
avialable. Larger images will always give better results.

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