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  Re: Help with povray!  
From: Saadat Saeed
Date: 23 May 2000 04:39:18
Message: <392A42B8.BDB1D742@batelco.com.bh>
Try starting with the POV manuals for the standard version of POV. I
started out that way..... and am improving (I hope)!


Psychomek wrote:

> Help i need tutorials for Megapov 0.5 out the wazoo cause i can't seem
> to get through my thick skull how to do the Pov script.
> I need this in a tutorial:
>             1. Language simple enough for a 4 yo could understand
>             2. one that assumes that you know absolutely nothing about
> the code.
>             3. one that is understandable after being awake 36 hours.
>             4. and it should include Media, Isosurface, photons, and
> most desperately TEXTURES (Can't figure them out)
> So please help me!  I'm almost at my wits end i have tried reading the
> Povray manual but after 12 hours of work it is totally confusing.
> please help me!

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