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  Tip pop up in HTML for media  
From: Fabien Hénon
Date: 29 Nov 1999 17:47:10
Message: <38430182.7137A880@club-internet.fr>
For my own use, I wanted to rewrite the POV documentation concerning the

media feature. I guess that most of you will agree that it's not that
easy to master.
If I may say so, I prefer the way the POV documentation was written
before 3.1.  It seems more obscure to me now.

You will find the very beginning (it's just a sketch) of what I did.
The doc is written in HTML. I have one question for the webmasters : Is
there a way to display a comment ( just like Excel or Word) in a HTML
page when you move your mouse over either a word or a link.

I've had one answer already, but the tip on the web-page is not
displayed long enough.
The trick is to read the POV syntax while being able to understand every
keyword of the media feature.

I hope my request is clear enough.



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