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  Re: macro tutorials - any really detailed ones out there???  
From: Ken
Date: 21 Oct 1999 07:14:45
Message: <380EF533.87B3EDF4@pacbell.net>
darrenf wrote:
> Hello
> Just wondering whether anyone has got any detailed web pages on programming
> macros for povray 3.1???

 The making and using of macros is really not all that complicated and
I have not seen anyone attempt to write a tutorial on the subject.

 Most of the mystery behind how they work is all of the other programming
like commands that have been part of Pov for a while now like while loops,
if / else directives, and other similar functions. You can learn a lot by
looking at examples of other peoples macros and fortunately for you I just
posted 58 of them on my home page 2 days ago.

 Making a macro is simple. Making useful commands to feed to a macro is the
difficult part. You might want to visit my links page tutorials section to
look at some of the more advanced tutorials.
> Also any really complicated organic macros out there??

 The closest thing to organic macros I have seen are a couple of tree
generating macros. See my links page or the povray.org links page for
sites that contain them.

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