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  Re: Req: media  
From: Ken
Date: 13 Sep 1999 16:58:17
Message: <37DD6502.EDA56FD4@pacbell.net>
Colm wrote:
> Where can I get a tutorial on the use of "media"?
> The docs don't seem to cover it very well... apart from an explanation
> of the syntax.

 No one that I know of has written a comrehensive tutorial on the subject.
About the only thing resembling a tutorial that I have a link for is:


  You might also spend some time browsing through povray.binaries.scene-files
and povray.text.scene-files groups and look at the code posted by others here.

If you have any specific questions about how to apply it some people here are
gaining speed on using and understanding media and will often help with direct

Other than that experimentation is a good teacher when all else fails :)

Ken Tyler

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