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From: Steve
Date: 27 Jul 1999 18:14:51
Message: <379CDB40.3538F546@ndirect.co.uk>

Check http://twysted.net/  there are lots of links there to
tutorials, also uncle Ken's links page at

"Timothy A. Grubb" wrote:
> I am starting to set up areas for tutorials on my site. Movies, Gfx,
> text would all be allowed. POV has always had an active community so I
> thought this may be a good way for people to learn. I have been trying
> to get schools to use the program for many purposes but many of the
> teachers think that it is too hard for the students to learn. I will
> probably do the first few myself but more of the in depth stuff is
> beyond my POV knowledge.
> --
> Timothy A. Grubb
> tgr### [at] educationelectriccom
> www.educationelectric.com


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