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  Re: Fire in Pov 3.1  
From: Ken
Date: 19 May 1999 14:06:49
Message: <3742EF67.30432189@pacbell.net>
Bob Hughes wrote:
> You could certainly get somewhere I think by simply looking over the media
> examples for P-R 3.1. See under the Scenes\Interior\Media folder the
> several hollow*.pov files. Shouldn't be too difficult to throw a medai
> container into a scene and change it to suit your needs.
> If you run into trouble just ask at povray.general newsgroup for hints and
> tips.

  Besides the useful comments made by Bob there are a couple of examples
you could work from available on line. Browse through the povray.text.
scene-files group looking for the word fire in the messge header. There
were I believe at least a couple of scenes posted their that had fire
included in their objects. If you don't mind downloading a large amount
of message headers you could go back as far as 08-01-1998 in the images
group and do the same search for fire in the message header. When media
first became available myself along with a few other people had some
pretty active discussions on that subject mostly within that group. In
several of those discussions where specifics on the parameters to use
and what types of patterns worked the best. Included also were working
examples of realistic appearing flame utilizing the media featue in Pov.

  If you are impatient and have to have it all right now you can try
the two examples of flame posted in the Pov Objects collections at:


  Look in the burning and fire section of the collection. There are
two examples there, one posted by me using media to make flames for a
set of candles, and the second by H. E. Day showing a flaming streak
of fire similar to what a flame thrower would produce. You might be
able to adapt the source in those files to your work but I think you
will learn more if you also follow my earlier suggestion of looking
up the past newsgroup articles on the subject.


Ken Tyler


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