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  Re: Spiral objects?  
From: Ken
Date: 18 Feb 1999 19:50:39
Message: <36CCB4FA.116F57BF@pacbell.net>
Julius Klatte wrote:
> Guys!
> What do you take me for?!
> I KNOW how spirals should be made, what I asked was if
> anyone knew of an already existing tutorial about it, since
> I'm thinking about making one myself...
> Thanks.... I guess...?
> Julius

I think my reply was if anything accurate and in context with the
requested information. If time had permitted I would have provided
a more a definitive answer. As I either did not know at that time,
or had no time to find out, I at least narrowed the field of search
for you by a very wide margin.

At least "I" didn't just provide an example like one other person did.


Ken Tyler


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