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  Help: Povray 3.1 new atmosphere stuff  
From: Tim Soderstrom
Date: 22 Nov 1998 14:09:38
Message: <36586112.2EBF@Stic.nEt>
Before Pov-Ray 3.1 came out, I think I had finally perfected the use of 
atmospheric effects, then 3.l came out...heh. The problem I am having is 
that the povuser.txt file doesn't have sufficient informatino on using 
the new atmospheric effects. I ended up just droping it in a scene I was 
working on, and it ended up working out for the better. 

BUT, just so I know, how do I set an atmospheric effect to show a rainy 
haze that only really shows up when light hits it (I was trying to get 
spotlight beams to show up). I tried doing it, but I got a lot of 
distortion and grainy stuff.. I thought about using clear boxes and 
filling them with an atmosphere, but then I would also have to simulate 
fog...argh! :)

Any help would be apreciated. If you could direct me toward an example, 
or a documented source, that'd be just fine by me! :)

Also, any ideas of when Pov-Ray 3.1a will be comming out in Linux?

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