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  Re: Fractal tutorials?  
From: Peter Popov
Date: 10 Oct 1998 23:03:52
Message: <36201208.0@news.povray.org>
Psychomek wrote in message <361FC1D5.7E23AE90@geocities.com>...
>  I just started playing with a hypercomplex fractal....    below is the
>script...   but it is a bad image.. :{


>most of the fractal is out of view and i haven't had time to run a picture

That's the first problem I encountered with these complex types -- they are
quite unpredictable. I had to manually place the camera in each picture so
that I could see something. No good for a weekend render.

>a better view point.... :{   but as you can see I have a complex one for
>Hypercomplex fractals :}   my type of personality make something simple and
>it as complex as posible!  as soon as i can find a computer store where i
>buy a dual procsessor motherboard, i will really make some interesting pics

Yeah, that's the second problem. I have virtually 1000+ vube and sqr pics,
but very little of the other kinds. I have a K6, and it's not an FPU
champion :(

Please post some of the pics you like... as well as code :)


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