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  Re: Fractal tutorials?  
From: Peter Popov
Date: 9 Oct 1998 22:07:44
Message: <361eb360.0@news.povray.org>
Psychomek wrote in message <361D3243.723D33DE@geocities.com>...
>Are there any Fractal tutorials for povray out there?

I haven't seen any. The best way to do this is to render, say, 250 fractals
of each main type (sin, cos hypercomplex and quaternion) and see how their
parameters affect the shape. The more complex functions aren't as
predictable and are much slower to render, so this approach may not help
you. I personally think that they aren't as interesting as cube or sqr.
Anyway, when you get one you like, start tweaking to get a better idea of
the control params. I can post a POV file that will render a random
(clock-based) julia and display the parameters on the screen (i.e. in the
image itself), useful for cube & sqr quaternion and hypercomplex (they fit).


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