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  Re: Fractal tutorials?  
From: Psychomek
Date: 10 Oct 1998 17:23:26
Message: <361FC1D5.7E23AE90@geocities.com>
Peter Popov wrote:

> Psychomek wrote in message <361D3243.723D33DE@geocities.com>...
> >Are there any Fractal tutorials for povray out there?
> I haven't seen any. The best way to do this is to render, say, 250 fractals
> of each main type (sin, cos hypercomplex and quaternion) and see how their
> parameters affect the shape. The more complex functions aren't as
> predictable and are much slower to render, so this approach may not help
> you. I personally think that they aren't as interesting as cube or sqr.
> Anyway, when you get one you like, start tweaking to get a better idea of
> the control params. I can post a POV file that will render a random
> (clock-based) julia and display the parameters on the screen (i.e. in the
> image itself), useful for cube & sqr quaternion and hypercomplex (they fit).
> Peter

  I just started playing with a hypercomplex fractal....    below is the fractal
script...   but it is a bad image.. :{

#declare W = 5
#declare P = 3.141592
#declare D = 21
#declare J = 47
#declare K = 640

julia_fractal {
    max_iteration 15
    precision 90
    texture {
most of the fractal is out of view and i haven't had time to run a picture with
a better view point.... :{   but as you can see I have a complex one for the
Hypercomplex fractals :}   my type of personality make something simple and make
it as complex as posible!  as soon as i can find a computer store where i can
buy a dual procsessor motherboard, i will really make some interesting pics :}

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