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  Halos.... ?  
From: Dana Dauphinee
Date: 7 Jul 1998 02:24:06
Message: <35A1B046.4BCC2B88@sympatico.ca>
I'm not posting a file with this, I'd just like some help, since
this is a Tutorials group.  I've posted my first semi-gratifying image
on the binaries.images group, so if you want to take a look at it, it's
    Anywho, my question is....  could someone explain to me a little but
more about halos?  I have MoRay, and I've looked through the POV docs,
and I'm never getting the results I'm after.  In my image, I have two
cones, a spotlight focused on each.  I'd like to get a dust-like effect,
or something of that sort, coming from the spotlight, so that it looks
sort of like a streetlight shining on the cones... or like sunshine
coming in from a dusty window... that sort of effect.  Is there anyway I
can do this? I'm trying what I 'know' how to do, but, obviously, that
isn't much.  What's the easiest way to do this?

Many thanks for your help,


(Oh, what the heck, Ill post my file here, too!)

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