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From: Dave Blandston
Subject: Bordered Characters version 1.4
Date: 26 Sep 2016 03:00:01
Message: <web.57e8c657b7d961e56ae7df010@news.povray.org>
Hi Folks,

I know that I said I was done working on this project a long time ago and yet
here's another version. I guess I have zero credibility around here by now.

This version has some great improvements though. I fine-tuned the lowercase
letters "a," "h," "n," "s," and "u," and corrected a glitch in the uppercase

A new feature called "Font Styles" allows embedded formatting codes that make it
easy to use multiple styles of characters in the same line.

Another exciting new feature is a micro-justification method called "SCALED."
I'll post a sample in the images forum to demonstrate it.

There is one new font variation available (#22) that can be used to create a
"drop shadow" effect. It's also somewhat interesting as a stand-alone variation.

As usual, the new version also includes some minor bug fixes, increased
ease-of-use, and improvements to the documentation. The sample demonstration
files have been updated to illustrate the new features, and there are two new
sample scenes. One of them is even interactive (somewhat) to demonstrate another
new feature.

As always, I hope some people find this useful!

Dave Blandston

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