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From: Thomas de Groot
Subject: Re: Granite_21 macro - beta #1.5
Date: 17 Jun 2021 02:39:44
Message: <60caee30@news.povray.org>
Op 01/06/2021 om 14:49 schreef Thomas de Groot:
> Op 31-5-2021 om 03:41 schreef Bald Eagle:
>> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>>> - A comprehensive demo scene file
>>> - An investigation/implementation of Real World dimensions (should have
>>> started with that, but you know of it goes...)
>>> - Additional xxxGranite.inc files to be fed to the macro
>> So I was playing with a scene for editing the material's color_map, 
>> and in
>> addition to the inc file stuff, I noticed that you had removed all of 
>> the macro
>> parameters.
>> I think that works really nicely, so far.
>> On the one hand, I like the #undef stuff at the end, but with what I'm 
>> doing
>> with variations on the same theme, I noticed that that causes me to 
>> have to

>> work with
>> that.
> Yes, but it might not be the best solution...
>> But I'm thinking if it doesn't change anything, maybe have it work like
>> Granite_21 (optional parameters_persist)
>> (default is no)
>> and then #if (parameters_persist) would govern macro section 7
> Problem is that the 'optional' parameter is still only version 3.8 of 
> POV. Not desirable for now I am afraid.
Now, with POV-Ray development started in earness again, the use of the 
'optional' parameter may become interesting again. I have to delve into 
its use because I do not entirely understand /how/ it works, but with a 
couple of test scenes I shall get the hang of it I expect.

>> I have some things laid out with to-scale rulers, and with respect to 
>> the SSLT
>> I'm wondering what I should do to indicate the - depth - of the 
>> translucency

>> diagram for
>> calculating / estimating the effect given an rgb 1 light_source and 
>> material
>> thickness.
> After all the commotion about the Granite_file, I still have to plunge 
> into this.
No change here at the moment.

>> I'm going to try to figure out a way to get as much useful visual info 
>> into the
>> scene, but minimize the long render time effect of the SSLT.
>> Perhaps as a lead-in to the documentation, you could just briefly 
>> comment on the
>> layout and purpose of the macro parts - the masks and such?
> I shall see what I can do on short term....
Slow work somehow, but it is growing. I hope it will meet your 
expectations ;-)

>> Thanks,
>> - Bill
>> Attached is highlighting 2 color_map entries in green, and then 
>> replacing them

>> the scene
>> file.
> That could be nice indeed... The original color_maps will need a serious 
> overhaul I am afraid.
That "Granite Editor" of yours, Can you post me a copy? It looks like an 
interesting tool to use in the approach to re-defining the color_maps, 
and I do it intuitively by hand now. Thanks.


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