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  PROOF : core include files and test code.  
From: Bruno Cabasson
Date: 2 Mar 2022 05:15:00
Message: <web.621f42cb592fe9587283012224d82e4@news.povray.org>

Here is a zip containing PROOF's core include files and a basic test code file.

primitives.inc : basic definitions (some could be part of POV-Sdl native syntax)
oocore.inc : object oriented core features, definitions, macros, etc ...
oocore_test.inc : test code for oocore.inc. The result is text in #debug
oocore_test.pov : scene file for oocore_test.inc. The appearance of the
                  ready made basic scene means all went OK.

                  ==> Run the "oocore_test.pov" file and see the #debug channel
(Messages tab) for the results.

Remember, it is just an WIP for an early POC.

I consider that the main OO features are available and oocore.inc makes the job.
Therefore, I had a go for objects in scene and designed classes in order to
describe spheres, boxes, cylinder, toruses, and (in the future) all POV's
objects by PROOF's classes, including voluminous objects (mesh, mesh2, blob,
complex CSG's...) for which we will be in position to control the behaviour.


Rem1: splines can be described by classes and be easily controlled because
instances keep track of internal data (spline defining points in this case). We
can extend, catenate, normalize, .... in a clean and easy manner. Splines are in
my TODO list.

Rem2 : Trees are complex structures that can be embeded in classes.

Rem3 : Animation could be eased with an object-oriented approach

Rem4 : I think that if I could write Sdl code for OO, then the parser can do it
natively with the appropriate evolutions.



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Download 'proof_core_wip1.zip' (9 KB)

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