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  Re: Granite_21 macro - beta #1.5  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 31 May 2021 14:10:00
Message: <web.60b525ac388d0b7a1f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:

> This is an ancient trick I learned decades ago ;-). The form
> _GRANITE_FILE_INC_ (the last underscore is maybe redundant) somehow
> covers all the possible forms of writing (capitals, dots, etc) of which
> a file name is composed. And it works perfectly well for me.

You're killin' me.
I have never seen this used before, or even mentioned.
Is this in the documentation?

> And then...!!!! [thunderclap]
> So I forgot to give you the proper Line 70, which should be of course,
> after Line 69, as given:
> #ifndef (_GRANITE_FILE_INC_)  #local Granite_file =
> "DakotaRedGranite.inc"  #end
> #include Granite_file

So I guess I will have to play with this...  is the _GRANITE_FILE_INC_
"operating on" the #local Granite_file declaration ...?  Does it need the _INC_
part then...?

I'm even more confused by the #local Granite_file = "DakotaRedGranite.inc" when
the actual file name isn't capitalized.   Maybe I've run out of dried frog

> The granite include files, as I have defined them, use a 2d array
> already.

Well, yes, but what I mean is that instead of:

array [Map1_entries][4] {
  {0.00, not_0, not_0, not_0},

it might be preferable to have:
array [Map1_entries][2] {
  {0.00, <not_0, not_0, not_0>},


array [Map1_entries][2] {
  {0.00, <not_0, not_0, not_0, not_0, not_0>},

> As the macro can render veins, where transmit info is supplied
> by the corresponding array (the map2 one) it is just a matter of reading
> the proper info in the right place. The macro takes care of that.

I am riding the struggle bus here.
Convert () returns a basic rgb, not an rgbft,
and map2 has transmit, yes, but not filter.
My thought was that the macro should accommodate full 5D color vectors
everywhere, because we have the Norbert Kern / Sean Day / Robert McGregor types
who will squeeze every last bit of artistic flair out this if allowed to.

> Thanks for your thoughts! It keeps me on my toes. ;-)

You certainly have your own tricks up your sleeves that keep me on mine!!

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