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  Extension of screen.inc for orthographic cameras  
From: cbpypov
Date: 6 Nov 2017 05:10:01
Message: <web.5a00344aecd2fa6f80db62550@news.povray.org>
Find attached screen_ortho.inc, which extents the abilities of screen.inc in
order to use the orthographic camera. This is related to the thread


started by SharkD, who is the one that wrote almost the entire code. The
attached version includes minor bug fixes and improved documentation.

    Set_Camera(Location, LookAt, Angle, Ortho)
to define your camera instead of the traditional `camera { ... }`. The `Ortho`
parameter accepts `On` or `Off` and gives the expected results. Use e.g.
`Screen_Object` to add logos, watermarks, subtitles or any other object which is
meant to stay fixed in front of the camera. (Validated to work with animations.)


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Download 'screen_ortho.inc.txt' (8 KB)

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