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  Re: Dakota Red Granite macro - beta #1.2  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 28 May 2021 11:03:55
Message: <60b1065b$1@news.povray.org>
Op 24-5-2021 om 19:29 schreef Bald Eagle:
> There should definitely be a parameter passed to the macro for width of the
> vein, and frequency of occurrence.
Have to look into this.

> Now that it's looking good, I'd say it's time to think about how to pass
> alternative color maps into the texture - both to model other granite types, as
> well as use the change to spot something in the current implementation that
> might be hiding, but a different color scheme might bring out.
My choice is this (See also the latest beta: Granite_21_beta_1.4.mcr 
below) is:
- a master macro: Granite_21 ()
- include files containing the necessary arrays for the different 
granites, and to be declared by the user and read by the macro.
- at this moment (also default) there is DakotaRedGranite.inc

> Piggybacking on that idea, there should be some triggerable material attribute
> data output to #debug with numbered map entries, and then we could have a
> mechanism to pass in a color for a single entry on-the-fly.  Then it would be
> easy to plug the macro calls into a loop and render a ton of different samples
> when tweaking a new material.
Possibly the present bata can do this. Not tested.

> The macro should also top up my coffee or G&T while I'm working on a scene,
> depending on the value of a required parameter.  :D
The coffee parameter is not yet available.

>> I am trying to get a grip on how to
>> tweak the translucency parameter.
> The way clipka explained it that the translucency color is geared toward what
> color you want the sslt effect to take on as it percolates through the material.
>   So for skin, where the blood will add a red color and absorb the blue and
> green, you set the color to a red-channel dominant rgb vector.

> Maybe the best sslt test-bed would be a back-lit wedge of material, much like
> what Ansel Adams would do with the Zone System when calibrating negatives and
> prints.
Yes. I used the bunny...

> Clipka also recommended in one thread to overlay the sslt texture layer with
> something else and maybe(?) he specifically said to only set the sslt in the
> lower layer...  I'd have to search and pull it up.
That is definitely what one should do as far as my tests show.


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