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  Re: for Sven Littkowski - Algorithmus Wanted  
From: Alain
Date: 3 Mar 2018 15:43:19
Message: <5a9b08e7$1@news.povray.org>
> On 28-2-2018 15:37, Norbert Kern wrote:
>> Here is a new version - using splines genereted with the help of 
>> vturbulence...
>> For rendering you have to get a hdr file from here:
>> https://www.openfootage.net/hdri-360-cres-croatia/
>> Norbert
> Interesting.
> Note: a lot of warnings generated in transforms.inc (line 39: scale by 
> 0.0 in matrix column; and 187: normalizing zero-length vector) and 
> math.inc (lines243 and 275: normalizing zero-length vector). Some way to 
> avoid that? I do not see where those are generated.

For the scale by zero, they come from constructs like scale Value*x.
When that appen, Value*x get promoted to <Value,0,0> generating two 
warnings because scale 0 is not allowed.
You need to edit the file to replace all scale Value*x by 
scale<Value,1,1>, all scale Value*y by scale <1,Value,1> and scale 
Value*z by scale<1,1,Value>

For the problem with math.inc, make sure that you don't pass nor 
generate any null vector.
A nul or zero-length vector don't have any direction and can't be 
normalised to an unit length vector.
You may try adding this:
#if(vlength(Vector)=0) #declare vector=<1,0,0>; #end


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