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From: Chris Huff
Subject: Latest source pre-release - huffchsource.zip (1/1)
Date: 7 Dec 1999 20:26:01
Message: <chrishuff_99-5E567E.20243307121999@news.povray.org>
Here is a pre-release version of my patch work, this includes all of my 
released work in one patch.
Two very closely related bugs were squashed in the object and proximity 
patterns, where they assumed an object existed after parsing and used a 
pointer to it. The object is now copied to the pattern.
This also represents my first attempt with the "difference" feature of 
the CodeWarrior development environment. I am not sure I trust the 
machine to do it correctly, but it all seems to work, although the 
indentation may be off.
This includes an older version of Nathan Kopp's media method 3, with the 
initialization bug fixed.(I think, this specific patch may have been 
lost in the difference.)
Also included are the blob pattern and pigment, the object pattern, the 
solid pattern, the proximity pattern, various functions, blurred 
transparency, blurred reflection, angle dependant reflection, etc. Note 
that the blurred and angle-dependant reflection use a very different 
syntax. The documentation for most of these is available on my web site, 
I am working on getting it all put together.

Chris Huff
e-mail: chr### [at] yahoocom
Web page: http://chrishuff.dhs.org/

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