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From: William F Pokorny
Subject: Updated povr tarballs for Unix/Linux. 96ed7ff3
Date: 2 Sep 2023 10:31:45
Message: <64f34751@news.povray.org>
Please see the attached tarballs and previous announcements in this fora 
and INSTALL.txt for suggestions on compiling and running via wrapper script.

A reminder the povr fork is not POV-Ray. As time passes, it's less 
likely existing POV-Ray scenes will work without modification.

Bill P.


---------------- povr-3.8.0-x.povr_96ed7ff3.tar.gz  September 02, 2023
povr R8 v0.6.2.0

Extending the _object, shape based pattern set. Renamed long existing 
'object' block / discrete (0|1 result) pattern 'bool_object'. Added two 
new shape based patterns called 'dens_object' and 'list_object'. The 
former returns a local surface based density value (as a proximity 
pattern stand-in). The latter is a 13 value block pattern. The patterns 
'bool_object', 'dens_object' and 'list_object' support up to 12 input 
objects. The object based pattern set in povr now numbers five, 
including 'hard_object' and 'soft_object' too. These last two still 
support only a single input object / shape.

Fixing asymmetrical scaling, sphere inside test. The inside test for 
the, Do_Ellipsoid, asymmetrical scaling case was broken in povr sometime 
during the vector initialization updates.

Updating isosurface. Changing some parse warning checks to hard errors. 
Removing the 'all_intersections' keyword. It has always been an alias 
for 'max_trace 10' and there was never parse time checking to be sure 
users didn't use both 'all_intersections' and 'max_trace'.

Changing the hard_object and soft_object patterns. Both now return -1..1 
or 'function_interval' value ranges. Modified the syntax too, bringing 
all the associated keywords inside the *_object{} block along with the 
referenced object.

Tuned the normal{} perturbation methods ripples and waves, along with 
the scalar value pattern implementations of ripples and waves, to better 
show an effect inside the 2^3 region about the origin. The ip_frequency 
setting is your friend when playing with these four ripples / waves 

Inverted the cubic_wave, scalar value pattern modifier. In a closer look 
at results I realized I implemented it upside down.

Corrected long broken implementation of a sqr() function for both the 
parser and the function/vm environment used during parsing and rendering 

Releasing initial vim-editor, povr-specific, povr.vim and povini.vim 
syntax support files and associated povr.vim ftdetect file in a 
vim/dotVimDir included with the povr_docAndAid tarball. I've not yet 
looked at auto-indentation support. See vim directory README for more 

Updates for a simple modeling set up with POV-Ray implemented using real 
time rendering (RTR) running within each frame of a long, traditional 
animation. An initial playpen implementation is included with the 
povr_docAndAid tarball.

Added the ability to specify a user povray.conf directory with the 
environment variable POVCON. Use to override any system (or null 
installed) configuration directories. The povr fork is trying to avoid 
user dot directory configurations as they are inflexible when running 
multiple versions of POV-Ray of the same generation.

Added a hard throw where users try to do an interior id = id copy. This 
operation is currently broken in more recent v3.8 code. Issue needs to 
be fixed eventually.

Removed code deleting textures and interiors from projected_through, 
light_source objects. Such objects not otherwise looked at for ray to 
object intersections unless the user explicitly adds them to the scene.

Initial attempt to break out the povr documentation and support (aid) 
files for POV-Ray (povr) as a secondary tarball. The documentation and 
support oriented tarball will have the prefix 
povr_docAndAid_<at_this_commit> aligning with each source code tarball. 
When unpacked it's a directory structure of plain text files.

Common, longstanding directive and keyword permissiveness with respect 
to leading hash '#' characters now hard parse errors where not correct. 
Fixing the syntax to the good, but the recently added word_is() and 
word_get() functionality more or less forces the long recommended forms.

Moved text, truetype font (ttf) based, object's quadratic solver to the 
CERN version used by many other shapes in the povr fork.

Corrected compound ttf character int8_t offsets. Added a little fudge 
while bounding character glyph components as some splines seemed to just 
scoot outside. Both fixes can result in slight differences in text / 
characters extents.

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