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20 Sep 2021 12:55:16 EDT (-0400)
  Re: An updated povr tarball for Unix/Linux. f6b1c13e  
From: jr
Date: 20 Jul 2020 09:00:08
Message: <web.5f159418f6dfcecf4d00143e0@news.povray.org>

William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> Please find attached an updated tarball.

thanks.  compiles.  will properly make + install sometime later this week.

one thing I noticed, 'povr' links against an older version of libpng, unlike the
"stock" POV-Ray.

jr@swift:13:~$ ldd /usr/local/bin/povray-3.8.0-alpha.10064268
    libpng16.so.16 => /usr/lib64/libpng16.so.16 (0x00007f6cc19c5000)
jr@swift:14:~$ ldd POVr/bin/povray2
    libpng12.so.0 => /usr/lib64/libpng12.so.0 (0x00007fb50195f000)

the updated version too links to 1.2.50, when 1.6.37 is available.

> Attempting no lower case #declare, #local identifier idea. Hope is
> user's function and macro arguments made _<lower case> form will be
> immune to name collisions.

(crestfallen..)  hope 'a_' will be as acceptable as '_a'.

> ...
> I've not seen an x11 display issue in the week since adding the
> XInitThreads() call - thanks jr. Thinking of making x11 the default as
> it's windowing behavior is more consistent with my Ubuntu environment.

+1.  :-)

regards, jr.

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