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  merge TGA file in POVRay  
From: gaprie
Date: 17 May 2014 01:45:00
Message: <web.5376f7069c7928012ebcdc450@news.povray.org>
Hello everyone,

I would like to ask, if I have 2 pieces of Povray rendering result of TGA images
and want to merge them into one whole image. Anyone ever tried?

For example, the object "pawns.pov" which has a pixel size of 400 (w) x300 (h),
I render into 2 parts:

"pawns_top.tga" (rendered from rows 1-150) with the command:
#povray +W400 +H300 +SR1 +ER150 FT +Opawns_top pawns.pov
"pawns_bottom.tga" (rendered from lines 151-300) with the command:
#povray +W400 +H300 +SR151 +ER300 +FT +Opawns_bottom pawns.pov

And I wish I merge into "pawns.tga"

I have tried with the following command from the link
# cp pawns_top.tga pawns.tga
# tail-c +19 pawns_bottom.tga >> pawns.tga

No error message,. But the merged image only contains images of paws_top.

Thank you for all your help ^ _ ^.


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