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From: maesla
Date: 17 May 2007 11:55:02
Message: <web.464c7ab2fe719493fbdb934e0@news.povray.org>
I found what I want.
It's the megapov. With this you can render povray file from the command
And I found that the fuction to run function from the matlab is
But know i hace problems with the megapov. Maybe someone can help me.
The path of the megapov is:
C:Documents and SettingsadminDesktopmegapov-1.2.1-windowsbin
The path of the file I want to render is :
d:Documents and SettingsadminMy DocumentsproyectopovrayrobotSimulator
The name of the file I want to render is:
The files I have to include are in the path:
d:Documents and SettingsadminMy DocumentsproyectopovrayrobotSimulator
The files .inc that megapov needs like colors.inc are in
C:Program FilesPOV-Ray for Windows v3.6include
The picture of the video I need to make i need to save in
d:Documents and SettingsadminMy Documentsproyectointerface
And I need the pictures in bmp

I tried this:
system('"C:Documents and
SettingsadminDesktopmegapov-1.2.1-windowsbinmegapov.exe"   +HI"d:Documents
and SettingsadminMy DocumentsproyectopovrayrobotSimulator" +L"c:Program
FilesPOV-Ray for Windows v3.6renderer" +I"d:Documents and SettingsadminMy

With this result:

Cannot open INI file 'FilesPOV-Ray'.
Cannot process command-line due to a parse error.
This is not a valid command-line. Check the command-line for syntax errors,
correct them, and try again!
Valid command-line switches are explained in detail in the reference part of
the documentation.
To get a short list of command-line switches, use either the '-h', '-?',
'-help' or '--help' switch.
Failed to render file due to error(s)!

ans =



Thank you

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