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  Re: Matlab  
From: triple r
Date: 14 May 2007 12:30:02
Message: <web.46488da3fe719493401324710@news.povray.org>
Perhaps a better group to ask this in?  Doesn't bother me though...

No direct link, but type 'system' into the search box and hit OK:


This is very similar to the c system() call, as far as I know.  I'm not a
windows user, but something like system('povray x.ini'); seems to be what
you are describing.  I don't know exactly how to invoke POV-Ray from the
console, but maybe you just need the path name, e.g.
system('C:folderpovray').  Not sure.  Of course, you could also run Matlab
in batch mode:


Then you would write a script to run a matlab job in batch mode (no user
interface, just runs silently and quits) and then immediately starts up the
command-line version of POV-Ray.  Again, not sure exactly how to do this in
Windows, but the principle should be the same, just a matter of figuring
out how to run all the commands from a command line.

 - Ricky

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