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From: maesla
Date: 14 May 2007 11:10:02
Message: <web.46487b4bdc9cb9f1560844e20@news.povray.org>
I'm doing my final project to ends the carrer and I use in it povray.
The program is done in matlab, but there is a part in that I say << Please
run povray and execute X.ini. When it finish, press Enter>>
My question is if is there some way to run povray without to have to open
povray, open the file, and press the button run of the interface of the
I would like to have in matlab code something like run('povray x.ini');

In working in windows by the way.
I trieded to write povray in ms-dos console of the windows, but nothing.
Maybe in c is possible??
Thank you very much.

P.D:this is not important, but maybe is useful, who knows:
In matlab I calculate the coordinates of a robot walking in a labyrinth.I
write the coordinates in a file. Then I read the file in povray and I draw
what the robot would see (Its like to take real snapshot).

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