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  Re: Games?  
From: Chris Huff
Date: 9 Jan 2000 22:22:42
Message: <chrishuff_99-34A91A.22225609012000@news.povray.org>
In article <38794CB1.CFC0D8C2@fci.net>, Pov### [at] aolcom wrote:

> Can you do relatively simple 3d accelerator powered graphics?  Do you
> have some experience with sprites?  The game concept I'm thinking of
> will require both or these. Maybe...

No, and no. Probably the only thing I could do is physics. And I know 
very little about real-time or game programming.

Chris Huff
e-mail: chr### [at] yahoocom
Web page: http://chrishuff.dhs.org/

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