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  Re: Buttons for web design  
From: Chris Huff
Date: 24 Mar 2001 11:06:06
Message: <chrishuff-CCA139.10594424032001@news.povray.org>


> Has somebody some source text
> to create buttons used for web pages
> created by Povray?

This group, povray.binaries.programming, is for posting binary files 
related to programming and the POV-Ray source code. Your question has 
nothing to do with programming and you didn't post a binary, the 
povray.general or povray.newusers group would have been a better place.

Christopher James Huff
Personal: chr### [at] maccom, http://homepage.mac.com/chrishuff/
TAG: chr### [at] tagpovrayorg, http://tag.povray.org/


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