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  Re: Blueprint output  
From: Mike Williams
Date: 12 Apr 2005 10:26:59
Message: <U7F5ADAwo9WCFwTV@econym.demon.co.uk>
Wasn't it Steely who wrote:
>Hi, folks!

>you will hang me for the question. The idea is, to have a render output
>option for making blueprints of the scene, like the wireframe- or edge-view
>option in other programs. Something like the +UD option, but for the shapes
>insted of the bounding boxes.

>would be a great help when making real huge buildings and such things, to
>have a bluprint where you can write down measures and distances and such.
>Just thinking .... ;-)

For a real blueprint, you probably don't want a wireframe of the whole
house, what you want is a slice through the house, like this:

plane {y,0.1
  pigment {
    { House
      rgb <0,0,1>
      rgb 1

Mike Williams
Gentleman of Leisure

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