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  Updated yuqk tarballs for Unix/Linux. e6e987ab  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 2 Jul 2024 11:39:21
Message: <66841f29@news.povray.org>
Please see the attached tarballs, previous announcements in this forum 
and INSTALL.txt for suggestions on compiling and running via wrapper script.

Note. The yuqk_DocAndAid_e6e987ab.tar.gz and 
yuqk_Examples_e6e987ab.tar.gz files will be attached to a response to 
this posting.

A reminder the yuqk fork is not POV-Ray. As time passes, it's less 
likely existing POV-Ray scenes will work without modification.

Note. The crackle pattern and facets perturbation caching is disabled in 
this release due bugs with multiple uses within each thread. Performance 
is significantly degraded in scenes where they are used.

Bill P.


---------------- povray-3.8.0-x.yuqk_e6e987ab.tar.gz  July 02, 2024
yuqk R15 v0.6.9.0

Attempting an implementation of constant identifiers / macro parameters. 
They are indicated by using leading 'ro_' character in the name. See 
documentation for the feature in the file: 

Updated parser error messages related to floating, defined identifiers 
to something hopefully a little more helpful.

Fixed photons bug with inverse squared lighting. Credit to Cousin Ricky.

Disabled the 'crackle' and 'facets' cache in a simple, but rather 
expensive way. It was found there are cache collision issues when >1 
cache or >1 facets patterns run in the same thread. A better 
amelioration is in the works.

Renamed the long implemented but undocumented 'offset' and 'repeat' 
keywords.  The are now part of the image input (ii_) prefixed options as 
used in the bump_map{}, image_map{}, image_pattern{} and material_map{} 
blocks. New names are 'ii_offset' and 'ii_repeat'.

The crackle pattern's ip_offset value is now a simple adder just ahead 
of the patterns value return. This much more useable than the attempted 
- and partly broken normalization of the offset value to the current metric.

Added the keyword options 'ip_raw_return <boolean>' and 'ip_strength <3D 
vector>' to the crackle pattern. The 'ip_raw_return' setting controls 
whether value clamping to 0-1 range is done or not. The 'ip_strength' 
vector controls how vigorously noise is applied to the center point of 
each cube for the pseudo random seed locations for the crackle pattern.

All pattern related uses of 'type' were changed to 'ip_type' (internal 
pattern / internal perturbation prefix). This affects: 'bevy', 'facets', 
'lean', 'noise_cubed', 'spatial', and 'seedfi'. The 'bevy' normal 
perturbation pattern being a developer's sandbox.

The pavement pattern's 'form' changed to 'ip_form'. The 'form' keyword 
was deleted.

The crackle pattern's 'form', 'metric', 'offset', 'repeat' and 'solid' 
keywords have been changed to new 'ip_form' ,'ip_metric', 'ip_offset', 
'ip_repeat' and 'ip_solid' keywords. The 'metric' and 'solid' keywords 
were deleted.

The facets normal{} only pattern was updated. A new keyword was 
introduced in 'type' was implemented to make explicit which of the 
current two forms of facets is to be used. The 'coords' keyword was 
deleted; It was always equivalent to the more general normal{} block 
'bump_size' keyword when valid.  The undocumented 'metric' support and 
keyword has been move to a new 'ip_metric' keyword. The last remaining 
use of the keyword 'size' in facets was changed to 'ip_size'. The 'size' 
keyword was deleted.

Added concrete, lean, niln and spatial normal{} block perturbation patterns.

The soft_object{} pattern's 'spacing' and 'strength' keywords are now 
'ip_spacing' and 'ip_strength', respectively.

The brick discrete pattern was updated. The 'brick_size' and 'mortar' 
keywords being replaced by 'ip_size' and 'ip_spacing', respectively. The 
'ip_size' 3D vector now represents the actual brick size less the 
spacing / mortar between bricks. The 'ip_spacing' is now a 3D vector 
specifying the space between bricks in x,y and z. Lastly, one or more of 
the values can be set to 0.0, indicating the brick is infinite (no 
mortar) along that axis; It should be easier to avoid having surfaces 
end up all or partly in mortar.

Adding an inbuilt f_catenary() function aimed at being a general 
foundation upon which more can be built.

Fixed clang++ builds where vm inbuilt functions were making use of 
constexpr functions only implemented in g++.

Patched gnu build for dynamic CPU optimization. Code was for some years 
broken on at least some x86 CPU types. We were not always using the AMD 
/ Intel hand optimized code where we could.

Updated INSTALL.txt related to clang++ build configure script options.

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