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14 Apr 2024 14:16:25 EDT (-0400)
  Re: yuqk tarballs for Unix/Linux - Ubuntu  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 30 Mar 2024 07:50:18
Message: <6607fc7a$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/30/24 06:52, kurtz le pirate wrote:
> So as not to have the same problems as the other times, I made a script
> that checks the presence of the libraries and their versions.

Yes, a script like this is a good idea. I don't have one myself. Truth 
is, that I've just been upgrading my Ubuntu for a long time. I've not 
installed the necessary packages to compile POV-Ray/yuqk from scratch 
for many years. :-)


I'm concerned with your list of packages:

NeededPackages=("libboost-dev" "libboost-date-time-dev"
"libboost-thread-dev" "zlib1g-dev" "libpng12-dev" "libjpeg8-dev"
"libtiff5-dev" "libopenexr-dev")

This list looks like the old one recommended in some of the POV-Ray 
shipped Unix files (v3.7?). It's part of the documentation on my update 
it someday for yuqk list.

First up, I see again libboost-dev over libboost-all-dev? At the moment 
I am myself unsure of the precise list of boost packages needed to 
compile. For yuqk and the v4.0 POV-Ray development branch I don't 
believe libboost-date-time-dev or libboost-thread-dev are any longer 
needed (For sure yuqk is using thread library built into C++).

The secondary issue is that you are specifying particular versions of 
some of the libraries. Unless problems crop up, we should use the 
versions tested to align with the larger Linux / Unix version (Ubuntu 
22.04) release. You do this by specifying generic names for: libpng-dev, 
libjpg-dev, libtiff-dev.

The third issue is you should probably add "libsdl2-dev" which is the 
newer version of the Simple Direct media Layer (SDL/SDmL)) library(a). 
It offers a second preview display option (and it will pull in X11 stuff 
if need be).

(a) - Yes, there is a version number there! That library is a partial 
exception to the don't specify the library version rule for reasons 
related to how SDmL development broke hard with version 1.2. It's a 
generic specification for versions 2.0+.

Bill P.

Aside: Ubuntu itself offers already set up, starter VM environments for 
various releases of Ubuntu. I used it years ago to create a bunch of 
statically linked POV-Ray version at particular git commits over time. 
Unfortunately, at the moment, I cannot remember enough about it to get 
anyone started with it.

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