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  Updated yuqk tarballs for Unix/Linux. 16941651  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 5 Mar 2024 16:21:18
Message: <65e78cce@news.povray.org>
Please see the attached tarballs, previous announcements in this forum 
and INSTALL.txt for suggestions on compiling and running via wrapper script.

A reminder the yuqk fork is not POV-Ray. As time passes, it's less 
likely existing POV-Ray scenes will work without modification.

Bill P.


---------------- povray-3.8.0-x.yuqk_16941651.tar.gz  March 05, 2024
yuqk R12 v0.6.6.0

Fixed defaulting bugs with ripples and waves. Bugs were in the 
defaulting of the ip_scale & ip_fade_distance where only one of the two 
'extended options' was specified. Bugs existed since the original 
re-write of the four code implementations in early 2023.

Fixed bugs in options directing / echoing output streams to files.  The 
ini file / command line options fixed were: all_file, debug_file, 
fatal_file, render_file and statistic_file. Bugs, in some form, exist 
back to at least v3.1 (per Thorsten).

Added two additional shell out string substitutions in %d and %e. Where 
%d substitutes the directory in which the scene file exists and %e which 
substitutes the output image file extension.

Fixed bugs related to the shell out string substitutions '%%', '%s', 
'%h' and '%w' - which exist in official versions of POV-Ray too, v3.7 

Fixed command line flag parsing for flags having only a single character 
following the '+' or '-' and the space ahead of the trailing flag is 
missing.  For example, '-v+w700', was not parsed correctly for either 
flag - or reported as an error.  The bug exist in all code v3.8 onward 
(probably v3.7 too, but not tested).

Limiting povms assert()s in vfe to debug compiles. The performance gain 
running the shipped rtr_kla.pov scene with day-to-day compile was 0.70%.

Restored support for user configurations files (povray.conf, povray.ini) 
in $HOME/.povray/3.8 and similar directories. However, 'make install' 
still, does not create or update files in that directory to avoid 
collisions with official releases. As part of this update, yuqk's 
existing POVCON environment variable when set will ignore any 
$HOME/.povray/3.8/povray.conf file for whatever povray.conf file POVCON 
points too. The POVINI variables continues to work in a, now, similar 
way. See updated INSTALL.txt for more information.

Warning and error messages related to ini file and command-line parsing 
cleaned up a little more.

The default image size was changed to 320 x 240.

Changes to version defaulting so that the fully supported yuqk version 
(3.8) is defaulted during the ini / flag phase prior to the parser 
starting - if a version not otherwise specified by ini version= / flag 
+mv setting. The return to this approach fixes a set of standing issues 
related to not setting the default at the ini / flag stage. Further, the 
#version directive use while parsing a scene becomes necessary only 
where changes in version defaults or parsing behaviour is needed. It's 
still a good idea to indicate a scenes expected major POV-Ray version 
with a #version directive at the beginning of a scene.

Fixed issue with version defaults initialization. In yuqk the issue 
would not have been seen where the version was explicitly set to 3.8.

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