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  Re: Updated yuqk tarballs for Unix/Linux. 427af17e  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 28 Jan 2024 15:59:30
Message: <65b6c032$1@news.povray.org>
On 1/28/24 11:30, Kenneth wrote:
> When I finally found a combination that worked, I settled on
> that...without running even*more*  possible(?) tests.

Yes, when testing POV-Ray the test combinations tend to explode. You can 
never cover it all. Permutations - like Bald Eagles recent image! :-)

I ran the bug down to something sitting in v3.8 onward (perhaps older 
code too - I didn't check). See:


Attached is an image. The left column are the results I see for v3.8 
beta 2. The right column what I see with yuqk (R11 and my working version)

The top row shows the four combinations as you posted them. The results 
match. In the just released yuqk R11, the default{} mechanism still exists.

The middle row shows both v3.8 beta 2 and yuqk (R12 working code) 
without the default{} block. Yuqk being different on the right is how I 
caught the bug up top. With that bug fixed the result again match. (The 
fixed result is not shown).

The bottom row is a repeat on the left for v3.8 beta 2, but I have made 
edits to your scene file to define a user default texture and make 
explicit it is the base for derived textures below. This amounts to 
replacing the default{} with:

#declare DfltTxtr = texture { finish{ambient 1 emission 0 diffuse 0} }

And below that changing :

texture{pigment{rgb 1}}

to become:

texture{ DfltTxtr pigment{rgb 1} }
texture{ DfltTxtr pigment{OBJ_COLOR_} }

Bill P.

Aside: Your test case triggers the 'always full depth' method 3 bug 
still sitting in v3.8 beta 2.

Even when I force a minimum number of samples and use big jitter with 
the recent yuqk release code using:

//   test 1  off                                   ****     *****
   yuqk test.pov   +w300 +h300 +a0.005 +am3 +ac0.90 +rm2 +r5 +j1.1

the following command:

   p380b2 test.pov +w300 +h300 +a0.005 +am3 +ac0.90     +r5

runs 400% slower. Results are of course good with both commands.

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