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  Updated yuqk tarballs for Unix/Linux. 427af17e  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 24 Jan 2024 12:12:34
Message: <65b14502@news.povray.org>
Please see the attached tarballs and previous announcements in this fora 
and INSTALL.txt for suggestions on compiling and running via wrapper script.

A reminder the yuqk fork is not POV-Ray. As time passes, it's less 
likely existing POV-Ray scenes will work without modification.

Bill P.


---------------- povray-3.8.0-x.yuqk_427af17e.tar.gz  January 24, 2024
yuqk R11 v0.6.5.0

The 'optional' keyword use has been restricted to macro parameters. As 
explanation the error message on such use is currently:

"The application of 'optional' keyword ahead of other than macro 
parameters is not presently allowed. This partly due the parser 
currently not always forcing closing semicolons when they are in fact 
required. Such missing semicolons are often only caught as errors when 
later identifiers are seen as undefined. The 'optional' keyword can hide 
these sorts of errors making results and debugging very confusing and 

Further, the 'optional' keyword opens up ways for the wrong, identically 
named, elsewhere defined, identifiers to later be picked up during 
parsing.  It's undecided whether the more general 'optional' use will 
again be allowed."

Parser updates aimed at making situations involving undefined identifier 
errors, easier to understand. In particular, more often where the 
identifier name(s) are known, they are now included as part of the 
parser's error message(s).

Enabled big jitter for method 3 as well as methods 1 and 2, but as 
method 3 always randomly samples over the full 2d pixel, the jitter 
value acts as a sampling range multiplier when specified. Values like 
+j1.1 would slightly bleed sampling into adjacent pixels with method 3.

Moved Antialias methods 1 & 2 to the stochastic random number generator 
method 3 already uses. Also enabled Stochastic_Seed=n / +SSn for methods 
1 & 2 so the jitter-ing is mostly repeatable render to render.

Added Antialias_Min_Depth=n ini / +RMn flag options for antialias 
methods 2 and 3(a). It can be thought of as a way to implement initial 
non-adaptive AA sampling - better at resolving detail - prior to the 
adaptive AA. The option was added to method 1 as well, but there the min 
depth is used (if > 0) whenever the flat sub-sampling would normally be 
skipped due the current pixel not meeting the threshold test relative to 
the adjacent left and top pixels.  In other words, when using the min 
depth option with method 1 the pixel sub-sampling will toggle between 
two flat sub-sampling counts set by +RMn and +Rn, respectively.

Fixed case with cutaway_textures in difference{} block where if first 
shape was not textured, it was being left with no texture during the 
rendering phase.  Results in such cases now align with intersection - 
and difference{} is really implemented as an intersection with all but 
the first object inverted.

Relaxed smooth_triangle degeneracy treatment. Smooth triangles 
considered degenerate due the specified normals will no longer disappear 
due the setting of the shape's degenerate flag. The warning messages 
from the parser are still issued.

It was the case previously where users specified +sc1 and +ec1, or +sr1 
and +er1, the options would be ignored and all columns and/or rows would 
be rendered. These particular 1 and 1 specifications now work. Further, 
the additional checking suggested by Ryan Binns in github issue 312 was 
adopted - addressing all parts of issue 312.

Now flag vector tuples without trailing semicolon. The vector tuple / 
batch / list assignments of the vector form have always needed closing 
semicolons to stop falls into mid directive streams resulting in quietly 
corrupted parsing results.

Fixed bug in empty parentheses handing.

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