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  Re: A povr tarball for Unix/Linux.  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 5 Jul 2020 07:50:57
Message: <5f01bea1$1@news.povray.org>
On 7/4/20 12:05 PM, jr wrote:
> found a 'xpovicon.xpm' in the 3.5c source, copied that, and both the make and
> make check went through.
> thanks.  will play with it, a little, over the coming days.

Thanks much! In my testing I only needed the .xbm files. Must of only 
searched for xbgmap.xpm when deciding to lose both the *.xpm files...

Aside: In the whither thread you gently tossed an arrow at the Simple 
DirectMedia Layer use. I've done a little debug work around 1.2 hangs 
and povr/hgpovray have SDL2.0 and x11 support thanks to Jerome.



My understanding is that SDL1.2 was chosen for v3.7 because of problems 
with x11 at the time - which perhaps are not all that different from 
what we still see with x11 today.

In my povr/POV-Ray use all three display options still have issues with 
x11 being the worst behaving. The x11 and SDL1.2 options suffer from 
occasional hangs requiring a kill command to stop with x11 being worse. 
Not seen the hangs in SDL2.0, but there is once in a while a had row of 
pixels usually in the upper left on scaling to fit a window. I recommend 
SDL2.0 use today if you have a choice.

Others can speak to it better than me, but I believe some of the issues 
come to our code architecture being non-standard with respect to 
interface handling. It would be more normal to have x11/SDL - or 
whatever interface handler be the main loop from which everything else 
is spawned.

Bill P.

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