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  Re: hemispherical projection camera  
From: Mike Raiford
Date: 12 Apr 2005 08:18:37
Message: <425bbc9d@news.povray.org>
pacoit wrote:
> I would like to develop a camera type that projects an image at the inside
> of a hemispherical surface (as opposed to a flat surface as with
> perspective camera). The purpose is to generate wide-angle views (up to
> 180deg, theoretically). Yes, the widest views would be curvilinear; but up
> to ~120deg views should look pretty good. I would like to know: (1) if
> someone has already developed such a camera; and (2) if someone can offer a
> pointer to a description of the math to do this?
> Thank you.

It's in the docs and this is not the appropriate forum for this type of 
question. This is designed for people who work on the source code of povray.


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