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From: Jim Barnes
Date: 1 Jul 2003 09:01:22
Message: <3f018622@news.povray.org>
I will post this here and in the other programming newsgroup as I am not
sure which one gets more response and there is at this time only one message
in each of them.

I am looking for someone who has knowledge with regard to Linux and the
internal parsing of POV scenefiles prior to going to the tracer and want to
know if there is an implementation of POV for Linux that has only the tracer
in it.

I want to parse a scene file and then output the parsed parts to multiple
tracers as in the case of animation instead of each frame being genned by
the parser and then sent to the tracer I would like to parse the file and
send thirty frames to thirty tracers so i can produce thirty frames at once.

I could of course write a macro to handle all this in linux as I am sure
there is a variant of POV (from the early days) that would split a render
into parts. so that each part could be output as a TGA and then the lot
could be matched together in a graphics editor. That of course is the
tedious way and I am  not adverse to asking for help when i need to.

Anybody ?

jim### [at] linknetcomau

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