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  Re: Games?  
From: Andrea Ryan
Date: 29 Apr 2000 22:11:14
Message: <390B954D.AA26649E@global2000.net>
> You know we can render stuff better than that! ;)

Why not render a lot of pictures with POV-Ray and make a Myst-like game using
the arrow keys in place of the mouse?  I would just need to have code for
displaying pictures (PNG) and getting input from the arrow keys.  I would
also need to figure out how to 'link' the pictures together.
Brendan Ryan

Here's some pseudo code (which is incomplete).

Open picture file
If up arrow key pressed
Subtract one from picture id number (filename)
Close picture file
Open next picture file with new id number

To go left or right, use second id number.  The filename looks like this:
1st_id_no_s_2nd_id_no.png where s is a letter.

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