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  Re: P-R chess set ASC file mesh  
From: omniverse
Date: 9 Nov 2016 16:10:01
Message: <web.5823907ba0b2f7c09c5d6c810@news.povray.org>
"Chris Young" <cy_### [at] cyborg5com> wrote:
> My suggestion would be to do each chess piece separately. I think it's confusing
> it to have all of these disconnected pieces that it is trying to connect to one
> another. I don't have your original scene files handy but try taking the king or
> perhaps the knight by itself and see what kind of results you get. About how
> many units tall is the king in POV units? Think about the size of the smallest
> details like the cross on top. How many subunits would you need to accurately
> render that cross. If the cross was one unit you might want 15 or 20 increments
> so you're talking about and increment size of 0.05 perhaps?

Thanks for your suggestions. I'm just not able to get anywhere with MeshLab yet.

King is about 14 POV Units tall, 6 wide.

Posting the chess pieces include file here, stripped of colors and textures,
along with the mesh of King piece (next reply) made using the SDL posted in this

Only tried the King piece and same results, I think I'm just not doing the
MeshLab parameters right, unless it has something to do with trace and a problem
with the more complex shapes. Apparently hidden surfaces are showing in the

Like before, at best I manage to get a surfaced model the general shape of the
chess piece. Like a crude form. If using defaults in MeshLab it tends to expand
like popcorn from a kernel.

/* make-mesh_chess-set.pov */


#declare test_cam_loc=<10,20,-40>;//single piece view
//<30,60,-180>; // all pieces together

#declare test_cam_look=<0,7,0>; // single piece

#include "test_platform.pov"

#include "pov2mesh.pov"

#include "chess-set37.inc"

#declare My_Object=
object { King } //for King use <-4,-0.1,-4>,<4,14,4>

// for all pieces use <-33,-0.1,-33>,<33,14,33> below


background {rgb 1}

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