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  P-R chess set ASC file mesh  
From: omniverse
Date: 9 Nov 2016 12:15:03
Message: <web.5823594715d6c9d29c5d6c810@news.povray.org>
If this file is somehow copyrighted due to original being indirectly from
POV-Ray SDL sample scene please advise, delete, whatever. Thanks!

Relating to message at:


These are the chess pieces from sample scenes, converted to MeshLab-readable
file (*.asc).

No need to do anything except load the file into MeshLab (or similar) and try to
get usable results as per Chris Young's article (available via link from link

I'm unable to do much with mesh utilities so I'm just posting my try at this to
show what can be done using the SDL object conversion created by Chris Young, as
told of at URL above.
I wasn't able to apply good enough settings in MeshLab so the result was like
lumpy clay instead of well-defined chess pieces. Hopefully someone else is
better at that.

I only used the original settings for the POV-Ray SDL 2 mesh, yet did change
trace area to fit the group of chess pieces... or so I believe. I haven't taken
the time to double-check that but looks complete to me.

Change I made to blob.pov (renamed, saving original), so you can see for
yourself. You would need to edit the chess set scene if you want to try this:

#declare test_cam_loc=<30,60,-180>; // see whole thing

#include "test_platform.pov"

#include "pov2mesh.pov"

blob object was commented out to replace with below

// include only part of SDL taken from chess set scene
#include "chess set 37.inc"
// just the pieces, no textures or scene, saved as .inc

#declare My_Object=
object { Pieces }

// bounding area around chess pieces, parameters same

background {rgb 1}

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