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From: jr
Date: 14 Oct 2017 16:57:57
Message: <59e27a55$1@news.povray.org>

On 14/10/2017 13:42, Kenneth wrote:
> jr <cre### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
>> sorry, my bad.  forgot to state it's for GNU/Linux systems, although, if
>> you do run something like 'cygwin' or 'mingw', that should work too.
> Well, there are two routes I can go (or both, if I ever have the time!):
> Learning to use cygwin, and/or learning to use Visual Studio-- both of which are
> Greek to me at the moment, sad to say. (I've never 'compiled' anything-- very

I see that Stephen has already provided "the way in" for cygwin.

if you were to use VS, from what I remember (quite a few years back
:-)), the process boils down to (a) create a new project, command-line
program type, (b) open (import?) the 'C' source file, and (c) click the
icon to make ("build") the project.

> embarrassing.) But I *have* been trying to familiarize myself with what both of
> those tools do, per your suggestion :-) I've recognized for a long time that I
> need to 'bite the bullet' and learn how to write and compile at least *small*
> programs (on Windows)--to get my feet wet, so to speak, and to banish that
> daunting feeling of "Oh, that looks to be SO hard." Of course, that's the way I
> felt when I first came across POV-Ray-- which now seems easy and natural!
> Practice, practice, practice...

and soon you'll wonder why you waited so long..  :-)

regards, jr.

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