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  Re: nocomment  
From: jr
Date: 12 Oct 2017 04:38:06
Message: <59df29ee$1@news.povray.org>

On 12/10/2017 07:42, Kenneth wrote:
> (I'm definitely showing my ignorance here...)
> This looks to be VERY useful-- if I could figure out how to use it ;-)
> 'Makefile' etc. is new to me.
> Here's what I've done so far:
> 1) I used the 7-Zip app to extract the file; the result is a folder named

no.  "*.tar.gz" is nothing to do with .zip.

> "nocomment.tar/", with a single file named "nocomment.tar"
> 2) I then used 7-Zip again to extract that file; the result is a folder named
> "nocomment", which contains a single file named "nocomment" (although,  7-Zip
> issued a warning: "Cannot open the file as [tar] archive. The file is open as
> [gzip] archive".  But I ignored that.)  I don't see a "Makefile" file there, if
> that's supposed to be included as well.

> Correct so far? That's as far as I've gotten(!) What do I do with the
> "nocomment" file to make the magic work?
> (I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, and POV-Ray 3.7.1 beta 9)

sorry, my bad.  forgot to state it's for GNU/Linux systems, although, if
you do run something like 'cygwin' or 'mingw', that should work too.

I can resend the two files as separates if that helps.

regards, jr.

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