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  Re: Bocce - WIP  
From: Chris R
Date: 28 Jun 2024 15:15:00
Message: <web.667f0b882d85bd692ac081225cc1b6e@news.povray.org>
kurtz le pirate <kur### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> On 24/06/2024 23:09, Chris R wrote:
> >
> >
> > If anyone is interested, you can find my "libisoshapes.inc" file that includes
> > implementations of most of the code from the Quilez article at
> > https://github.com/carath63/povlibrary
> >
> Very good job Chris.
> I love the way you create functions in "libfn.inc".
> I'd never have thought of untilizing a function for rotations.
> LOL !
> Still on the Inigo Quilez website, there's a page on colors pallets
> <https://iquilezles.org/articles/palettes/>.
> I had implemented his method for making color_maps.
> The code is attached.
> If you want to add it to your libraries.
> --
> Kurtz le pirate
> Compagnie de la Banquise

Cool!  I will have to read the article first to understand it, but I will
definitely look into adding it to my libraries.

If you pull the latest code, I have added more of the manipulation functions
from the article, including the straight combining (union, subtraction,
intersection), and smooth combining functions, with an extension for specifying
different mixing methods to create the union.  I added several of the examples
from his article on smooth min functions.

I also added his extrusion and revolutions as a general purpose function, and in
the process updated libfn.inc to include 2D transformations for 2D functions,
which you need for those functions.

I also found some typos and fixed them so everything I have tested works.

I'm finding with these functions that I can use a reasonable accuracy value of
0.01 but still get away with pretty low max_gradients, so they render pretty
quickly, and they all work really well with perturbations of the surface, which
is my main reason for modeling with isosurfaces in the first place.

-- Chris R.

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